ACT ONE’s new “Share Ticket”

Have you heard about ACT ONE’s new
Share Ticket?

We all agree that everyone who loves theatre should be able to attend theatre. Thanks to the generous support of ACT ONE’s Circle of Friends, we now have a Share Fund. This means that anyone who wishes to see an ACT ONE performance may purchase a Share Ticket for a penny, a nickel, $5, $10 – just whatever he or she wishes to pay!

Proceeds from Share Ticket sales will go to the Share Fund, “paying it forward” for the next person who might benefit from a reduced-price theatre ticket.

ACT ONE’s mission is to share stories with heart with our community.  So spread the word to friends and family.  Never should the price of a ticket keep someone from enjoying a great story! 

Upcoming presentations of Festival 2017 include Susan Poulin’s hilarious Makin’ Whoopie, the rockin’ a cappella of Tuckermans at 9, James Haller’s wonderful Ballads of a Grateful Heart, Antonio Rocha’s spellbinding Kaleidoscopia, the lively and local storytelling of True Tales Live-Onstage!the unforgettable story of The Immigrant Gardenand two outstanding films:  Tonya Shevenell’s  The Home Road and Sumner McKane’s The Northeast by Eastern.