Special Event

ACT ONE’s staged reading of Norm Foster’s brilliant comedy is virtually sold out!  There are still 4 seats left for Friday, June 8 at 7:30.  Please call 603.300.2986 to reserve.

Many thanks to all of you who will be joining us at WEST June 8-10! If you weren’t able to get your tickets in time, don’t despair.  We will be bringing back this wonderful story in our September Fest.  Stay tuned – more information will be posted soon!

ON A FIRST NAME BASIS stars Pam Battin-Sacks and Alan Huisman and is the story of a very successful (but irascible!) novelist who suddenly realizes that he knows nothing about his maid of 28 years.  She, on the other hand, knows everything about him.  This evening David Kilbride decides to learn all he can about Miss Hooperstaad.  The result is a most engaging exchange – one filled with revelations that promise to enrich both their lives.

A dazzling conversation ~ uproariously funny,
full of surprises, and deeply moving!”

Do join us as we Spring into Summer and be sure to check out the terrific raffle prizes you can win in our Spring into Summer Raffle!

Many thanks for the overwhelming response to this upcoming production.  We look forward to seeing you in August & September!